About Us
ClubShop.com was formed and incorporated in Englewood, Florida, USA in June of 1997 and acquired by Proprofit Worldwide Ltd. in May 2018. ClubShop.com was formed from the idea of empowering consumers to save money with a unique international "buyers club". When individual consumers join together to form a "buyers club" it creates real group buying power and enables consumers to save money and shop conveniently.
    ClubShop.com online stores and merchant businesses are in over 75 different countries worldwide
    ClubShop.com has seen over 4 million people, non-profit organizations and merchant businesses join our Free Membership programs
    ClubShop.com was featured on the show “World’s Greatest” and was broadcasted to over 100 million potential households throughout the USA
    ClubShop.com has been featured in local newspapers and magazines around the world
    ClubShop.com has helped consumers worldwide save money on their online and offline purchases
    ClubShop.com has helped non-profit organizations worldwide raise money with our fundraising programs
    ClubShop.com has helped merchant businesses and companies worldwide retain and gain more customers with our customer loyalty program
    ClubShop.com has maintained an impeccable legal track record and a reputation for doing business with honesty and integrity