ClubShop FAQ


How can I find my ClubShop ID Number and Password?


What is ClubCash?
As a ClubShop Rewards Member, you earn ClubCash each time you make a qualifying purchase online at the ClubShop Mall, or locally at a participating ClubShop Rewards Merchant.

What's my ClubCash Balance?
View your balance in your ClubCash Account.

How will I receive my ClubCash redemption?
ClubShop Rewards offers the following methods to receive your ClubCash:
  1. PayPal
  2. Pay Agent (countries without Pay Pal)
  3. Paper check (US only)
You will select your method of choice when you redeem your ClubCash for cash back.

Do all ClubShop Rewards Merchants and Mall Stores offer ClubCash?
You will earn ClubCash when shopping online through the ClubShop Mall. Not all offline ClubShop Rewards Merchants offer ClubCash. While some will offer ClubCash, some offline ClubShop Rewards Merchants offer instant discounts on your purchases.

How is ClubCash calculated?
The amount of ClubCash that you earn on each purchase is calculated from the percentage shown next to the ClubShop Online Mall and ClubShop Rewards store listing.

´╗┐Are all items purchased at the ClubShop Online Shopping Mall eligible for a ClubCash?
Practically every item you purchase through the ClubShop Mall qualifies for cash back. We cannot give cash back for taxes, shipping, or any portion of a purchase that is paid for with gift certificates or a store credit. Typically prescription drugs and gift cards are also excluded from earning ClubCash. Any purchase of products or services completed by telephone does not qualify for cash back. At times, stores place minor restrictions on cash back eligibility. We do our best to maintain this information. Exceptions, restrictions and additional information be viewed by clicking the button next to each store listing. Please be aware that store exceptions change regularly and ClubShop Rewards reserves the right to cancel or delay cash back payments when stores alter their policies or refuse to pay ClubShop Rewards a commission.

I have received or used my ClubShop Online Mall order, but the ClubCash credit has not been added to my Transaction Report. What do I do?
Please follow the directions, located at

Can I shop offline at local merchant stores that are in the ClubShop Mall?
No. If you wish to shop offline, you can view the list of participating offline ClubShop Rewards Merchants .

How do I earn ClubCash?
Login to the CLUBSHOP MALL and make a purchase online at a participating merchant or present your ClubShop Rewards Card at the time of purchase to a participating offline ClubShop Rewards Merchants .

When will I be able to view the ClubCash credited for my purchase?
Most transactions will appear in your Transaction Report within 5 business days. In most cases, your order must be shipped or used, before we are able to verify the purchase. This means that some orders may take longer to be verified and added to your report.

What are the instructions for shopping online at the ClubShop Online Mall?
  1. You must login with your ClubShop member ID number. If you don't have an ID number yet, you will be asked to gain a free ClubShop membership before being directed to the online store
  2. You must enable cookies because this helps us track the online orders you place. Most computers already have their cookies enabled, unless you personally disable them.
  3. To shop online and earn ClubCash, use the store links provided at the ClubShop mall. Make sure that you stay in that store and that you are not redirected to another site. For example, a store website may have the ability to change countries, language preferences or currencies. While this is a convenient feature, some websites will redirect you to another website after clicking on these features. If this occurs, we cannot guarantee that your purchase will be tracked correctly or credited.

NOTE: The majority of stores at the ClubShop mall automatically track and report your purchase to us. If an automatic option is not available for a merchant, detailed instructions will appear when you select the store link.

I completed the Missing Order Form, but I still have not received any ClubCash credit in my Transaction Report account for my purchase. Why?
In the unlikely event that this happens, there are a few reasons that an order will not be credited to your Transaction Report:
  1. You may have failed to use our Online Shopping Instructions step-by-step
  2. You logged in with the wrong ID number
  3. Your computer has software installed that is blocking the way we track your order
  4. Your login to our site did not 'hold' through the entire session
  5. You placed items in your shopping cart, but did not complete the transaction. You then came back during another session to complete your order
  6. You viewed another website during your Clubshop Mall session and the other website re-placed our "cookie" with theirs
  7. You ordered from a promotional email sent to you by the merchant
  8. If you use the Google Check Out, PayPal or Bill Me Later options, the merchant may not track or credit the sale to us
  9. If you contact a store directly regarding your order, the purchase may not be tracked and therefore credit will not be received
  10. You selected to pick your items up instead of the regular shipping option
  11. You entered a promotional code that was not provided by the ClubShop Mall or from the merchant's actual website. In some cases, promotional codes entered that were emailed to you by the merchant will not be tracked as a ClubShop purchase.


Can I earn ClubCash as a ClubShop Rewards Merchant?
Yes !

Can I earn referral commissions as a ClubShop Rewards Merchant?
Yes !

Can I add our merchant business logo to your ClubShop Rewards Card?
Yes For a small additional fee.

Can I use the ClubShop Rewards Card as a customer loyalty discount card?
Yes !

Can I sell the ClubShop Rewards Card for profit?
Yes !

What's the lowest percentage discount I can offer as a ClubShop Rewards Merchant?
You can offer as low as 1% off, when selecting the platinum merchant package.

I have an online store; can I list my online store in the ClubShop Online Mall?
We plan on having this option available in the future. If you have selected a silver merchant package or higher, you can have a direct link to your store website from your Rewards Merchant listing.

How do I earn a first purchase bonus?
When a purchase is made online at any participating site, you will receive a ClubCash bonus on that purchase. This is a one-time only bonus and will not be awarded again should you return your order. This bonus does not apply to offline orders made through the ClubShop Rewards Directory. To See your ClubCash Bonus, login and visit your ClubCash transactions.


Can I join my non-profit as a ClubShop Affinity Group for free?
Yes !

Can I earn ClubCash as a ClubShop Affinity Group?
Yes !

Can I add our non-profit logo to your ClubShop Rewards Card?
Yes ! For a small additional fee.